About Judy West, Denver Mediator

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Since 2003, Judy West (formerly Judy Larkins) has developed a vibrant mediation practice by focusing on her client's needs, accommodating their schedules when time is of the essence, and listening carefully while drafting each agreement to the specific qualifications of each party, in order to capture the heart of the matter. Approximately 80% of her  practice is divorce mediation and post-divorce modifications, and 20% is focused on small business and real estate earnest money disputes. She also serves as a case administrator for arbitration cases filed with Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators.

One of Judy's primary roles is as a generator of options for her clients.  The best of these options are developed between the participants in mediation, with a goal of settling the disputed matters at hand

Mediation is a field that requires and values professional experience and wisdom.  Judy's strong business background spans two decades of professional and personal transactions, enhancing her ability to hear and understand the parties concerns and needs.  She gains an understanding of each participant's priorities and then generates creative options for settlement, bringing the dispute to a satisfactory conclusion in the vast majority of cases.  Ms. West briefly held a real estate license during the mid-1990's and is a currently serves as an industry arbitrator for FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

Judy's carefully honed writing skills allow her to craft agreements with the participants that capture the essential terms and conditions of settlement.  The majority of Judy's clients attend mediation pro se (representing themselves).  Judy is adept at drafting comprehensive Memorandums OUnderstanding (MOU's) with the parties:  This document is submitted to the court for enforcement. 

All parties have a voice in creating an agreement that works, which increases compliance with its terms and conditions, and a greater degree of satisfaction when the negotiation process is complete. 

Significantly, many of her clients have given excellent reviews in multiple formats: LinkedIn and web reviews, emailed letters of thanks, and the best compliment possible - personal referrals to friends and family who need similar results in their disputes.