Divorce Document Preparation in Colorado

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Judy West, Denver Mediator provides efficient and inexpensive assistance completing all necessary court-required paperwork for a standard divorce within the mediation process when a divorce is uncontested. These forms include:

  1.  Initiating forms: Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation, Case Information Worksheet 
  2.  Sworn Financial Statements and Supporting Schedules - professional software is used to complete a detailed report of income, expenses, assets, and debts.  
  3.  Maintenance calculations after 2019 calculate the tax impact on the payor of maintenance
  4.  Child Support and Post-Decree Modifications taking into consideration the following factors:
    • the percentage of combined income of each parent to include earned income and maintenance / alimony received or maintenance paid
    • the number of overnights with each parent
    • ordinary expenses such as daycare and health insurance premiums paid for by each parent
    • extraordinary expenses such as recreational and extracurricular activities that each parent pays for
  5.  Forms to complete the court file in a standard Divorce, Legal Separation, or Post-Decree Modification for Parenting Plans or Child Support:  Certificates of Compliance with the Mandatory Disclosures Checklist, Support Order, Affidavit for Decree without the Appearance of Parties for couples without children when they are agreed on all matters, etc.  
  6.  Memorandum of Understanding is an all-inclusive document created through a collaborative effort between Judy West as Mediator and the Parties who edit and direct the draft language between sessions.  The MOU comprehensively details the basic information of the case, Division of Debts & Assets, Parenting Plan, Child Support, and Maintenance.  If there are family businesses, these are addressed also when the Parties wish to divide them within the course of mediation.  The benefit of having an all-inclusive document is that it is easily accessed as a reference for compliance in the future, as opposed to cross-referencing separate documents for each major category.  Family life is inter-related, and the MOU reflects this by taking into consideration a total picture.

Colorado has a 91 day mandatory waiting period to issue a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage or Decree of Legal Separation.  There is an Initial Status Conference or ISC approximately halfway through this waiting period set 42 days after the Petition is filed.  The purpose of this Status Conference is to assess whether the file is complete and ready to set for final hearing.  If your goal is to get the Decree on the 91st day, this will be Judy's goal also as your Mediator.  Plan on meeting weekly to complete the paperwork in time for the Initial Status Conference. 

There are times when Parties reach a partial agreement in mediation, leaving contested issues to be determined by the Judge or Magistrate assigned to the case to decide.  This senario exists in a minority of cases; however.  The great majority of clients Judy works with are able to come to complete agreement and finalize their paperwork within the 42 day timeframe from the filing of the Petition to the Initial Status Conference with the Court Clerk.