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Services provided by Judy West under Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators

Flat Fee or Hourly Rates Offered. We are happy to discuss which fee plan works best for you.


Pay one fee for your case from start to finish.  Fee covers preparation of all court-required documents for a standard divorce or legal separation in Colorado plus in-session collaboration with the parties.  All sessions to be held within 2 months of signing the agreement.  For divorce and legal separation cases, the goal is to get all paperwork done prior to the Initial Status Conference, generally scheduled 42 days after the filing of the Petition, so the final hearing can be scheduled on or around the 91st day:

Mediation Initiation Fee  $75 per party + Flat Fee determined by type of case:

  • $2,500 per Case or $1,250 per party Divorce or Legal Separation with Children.   

  • $2,000 per Case or $1,000 per party Divorce or Legal Separation without Children

  • $1,000 per party Post-Decree Modification to Child Support and/or Parenting Plans

 Call to discuss & recieve a  flat fee agreement for your case.


Mediation Initiation Fee of $75 charged at the time of signing the agreement;  non-refundable.

Mediation for Domestic and Business Matters:  $125 per party per hour with a 4 hour minimum total time

Earnest Money and Real Estate Cases:  
$125 per party per hour with a 2 hour minimum total time

File for Mediation / Mediation Submission Agreement

File for Earnest Money Mediation

Mediation Fee Agreement

Domestic Arbitrator or Med-Arbitrator Rate:

Each party is charged $125 per hour with a 4 (four) hour minimum total time

  Form to File for Med-Arbitration - Joint Agreement Required    

  Convert from Mediation to Med-Arbitration   

  Med-Arbitration Fee Agreement (follows Mediation Fee Agreement)

Facility Fee:

Unless specifically requested otherwise, Judy West conducts mediation with both parties present in the same room with no facility fee.  A $25 facility fee is charged per party per hour when separate mediation rooms are requested.