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Services provided by Judy West under 

Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators

Choose between flat fee or hourly rates.


Case Initiation Fee of $75 per party; non-refundable.

Plus Fee Determined by Type of Case***:

  • $2,500 per Case or $1,250 per party Divorce or Legal Separation with Children 
  • $2,000 per Case or $1,000 per party Divorce or Legal Separation without Children
  • $1,000 per party Post-Decree Modification to Child Support and/or Parenting Plans 

***Call to discuss


Mediation Initiation Fee of $75 charged at the time of signing the agreement;  non-refundable.

Mediation Domestic and Business Matters:  $125 per party per hour with a 4 hour minimum total time

Earnest Money Cases:  
$125 per party per hour with a 2 hour minimum total time

File for Mediation / Mediation Submission Agreement

File for Earnest Money Mediation

Mediation Fee Agreement


Parenting Coordinator / Decision Maker (PC/DM):

$125 per party per hour with a 10 hour initial retainer unless a court orders otherwise.

The appointment is for 2 years per Colorado Statute.

Retainer is replenished when the account falls below $750. 

Domestic Arbitrator or Med-Arbitrator Rate:

Each party is charged $125 per hour with a 4 (four) hour minimum

  Form to File for Med-Arbitration - Joint Agreement Required    

  Convert from Mediation to Med-Arbitration   

  Med-Arbitration Fee Agreement (follows Mediation Fee Agreement)

Facility Fee:

Unless specifically requested otherwise, Judy West conducts mediation with both parties present in the same room with no facility fee.  A $30 facility fee is charged per party per hour when separate mediation rooms are requested.