Mediation or Arbitration via Teleconference

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Teleconference Mediation or Arbitration 

Undoubtably, Face-to-Face Mediation or Arbitration Hearings yeild the most effective results.  The most productive process to yield mutually agreeable terms in the midst of a dispute.  But there are times when Face-to-Face Mediation is not possible or convenient.

1. TRO or PRO - Temporary or Permanent Restraining Orders must have a Magistrate or Judge's approval to meet face to face. 

2. DV - Domestic Violence - When unreported or reported violence has occured, there is a shift in power between parties who must negotiate terms of separation and arrangements for parenting plans. Teleconference Mediation facilitates negotiation between parties who cannot meet personally.  The mediator goes between these parties to facilitate agreement in high conflict situations.

3. Distance - Parties who live outside the Denver Metro Area.  These parties are served by teleconference to produce results in agreement without the cost and burden of traveling to Denver in order to meet in person.  Judy West has offered this service for decades with positive results. 

When meeting via teleconference, notary services must be independently secured on documents requiring a notarized signature.  This is provided when meeting in person; however, most banks and copy centers such as Kinko's / Fed-Ex offer notary services.