Family Communication

Family Communication


Perhaps the most painful experience in life is on-going conflict that simply doesn't get resolved.  The expectations of closeness, the roles we assume the other should fulfill, history that is decades old can resurface and instigate sudden alienation.

Consequences of intractable conflict reverberate out in expanding concentric circles to the nephews, nieces, grandchildren, and so on.  Weddings and funerals come and go without some of the family attending, and the words we wish we would have said are left to haunt us after a loved one has past.

Using Appreciative Inquiry in Parent/Teen Mediation

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a communication and problem-solving process that attempts to bring all voices to the table in conflict or change situations. With a focus on positives, the process looks for common ground to find solutions and build foundations for better communication. Because of its holistic nature, AI is seen by some as useful in restorative processes and in enabling organizations to become more restorative. In this article, Judy Larkins, Denver Mediator provides a description of AI and its use in family mediation.