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Satisfied Clients share their experience
in mediation & arbitration with
Judy Larkins, Denver Mediator/Arbitrator

Recommendations have been compiled here from a number of sources including email, google testimonials, LinkedIn and Facebook.


"Thanks so much for your help with everything and facilitating a tough and emotional process."  Melvin P. (Divorce Mediation)

"He said you are "sharp as a tack". He's a great friend of my husband's and is one of the nicest people I know."  Megan C. - Feedback after referring a close friend

"I know we really dragged our feet with you but we were not fully committed to the idea of a permanent separation, which frankly scared the hell out of us, and you were very sensitive to that.  But,we needed to take the next step.  Thank you for your patience and well wishes.  It was when we began working with you did we realize everything that was at stake and it was very depressing.  It forced us to behave better and value our relationship more.  For us, nothing transpired which wasn't forgivable.  Who knew walking into your office would be the first step in restoring our marriage?!  Thank you!"  Liz B. (Divorce Mediation)

"I was very grateful for all your help during some pretty confusing and difficult days."  Jodi M. (Divorce Mediation)

"Used you in 2007 and was very pleased with the outcome. Business dispute."  Gail Bryan (Business Arbitration)

"Hi Judy...thank you so much for all your efforts to help me and my spouse work through the very difficult process of negotiating, despite her unfortunate choice to "stonewall" me, and manipulate you. You thoroughly impressed me with your perceptiveness of what was going on, and your directness in addressing it, all while maintaining your professionalism and poise. Thank you for being honest and fair, and for your loyalty to the truth...rare qualities it seems in this day and age."  Steven Johnson (Divorce Mediation) 

"Judy mediated my divorce and I must say she did a wonderful job... I highly recommend Judy for anyone. She listens well, has great knowledge and is very efficient. Thanks Judy"  Trent R. (Divorce Mediation)

"Would like to write a quick post here and say personally "thank you" Judy for handling my case. You were very professional, fast and over all just perfect. I would HIGHLY recommend you, if ever you need a good resource/feedback I am here and able to provide that. Thank you again, Kelly"  Kelly B. (Divorce Mediation)

“Judy Larkins has built a very deserving reputation for ADR excellence. She is skilled as a mediator/arbitrator and also as program manager. She has both vision and drive to increase the use of ADR and to arrive at creative solutions that satisfy parties.”  Deborah Schick Laufer, Director, Federal ADR Network (FAN)

"Thanks very much for meeting with my [adult son], my wife and me this morning.  We appreciated your skill, professionalism and generosity with your time." David P. (Family Mediation)

"You may remember me from the mediation you did back in May on the above. It was a pleasure working with you for that short time, and even though this is the first time this has ever happened to us,  I will keep you in mind if it happens again, which I doubt, and will refer you to others, if necessary."  Rhonda. M., Community Development Manager (Earnest Money Dispute Mediation)

"We would like to thank you for your professionalism and the sincere concern you showed during our mediation session.  The positive atmosphere you created helped J. and I communicate in a positive manner for the first time in a very long time.  We have decided to attend counseling and reconcile.  Thanks again."  Kevin C. & Jessica C. (Divorce Mediation)

"I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance.  My ex-husband and I both were very overwhelmed by the paperwork one must do to file for a divorce and we were scared that we would misinterpret some of the language. Having you there to assist us made it so much easier so we were able to focus on making the important decisions. We both appreciated the fact that you stayed late and I know my ex-husband appreciated the way you were so impartial, as did I! It was evident that you weren’t there to take sides but to make sure that both of our interests were protected! You also brought things to our attention that we may not have thought about and could potentially pose a problem if not addressed now. It is so reassuring to know that we won’t have to worry about that stuff in the future. Its funny but I think now that my ex and I are both done with this process and have come to our agreements, we are getting along better. There is a sense of relief in our lives now.   I will recommend you to anyone who is going through a divorce!"  Respectfully, Christine H."  (Divorce Mediation)

"I was very happy with the job you did and would also recommend you to others as well...  The experience was as painless as possible and your understanding with some of the issues we had was helpful!"  James H. (Divorce Mediation)

"Judy: Thanks for everything. P.M. and I have been working on our reconciliation and have been back together since June 15th. It's going very well and were both working hard towards building a loving, long lasting and fulfilling marriage. We both now know the price of admission!"  John M.  (Divorce Mediation)

"Judy Larkins handled our divorce with care and excellence. We saved a lot of money and were handled expertly despite the emotional volatility and complexity of our case. I appreciated the care and understanding Judy brought to the table. She helped us arrive at a settlement and move past issues that were in the way. I thought it would be impossible, but she did it, and I'm extremely satisfied. Thanks for a job well done!"  Don R.  (Divorce Mediation)

"Judy Larkins stood beside me and mediated a meeting with a former employer regarding an unexpected and abrupt employment termination. Judy gave a "voice" and was instrumental in negotiating additional severance pay. She was professional and objective. I left the meeting satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Judy Larkins."  Barb M. (Employment Mediation)

"I have known Judy Larkins for the past 10 years, and during that time participated in many mediations at Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators and referred many friends and attorneys to Judy. From the business side of the process, Judy is a pleasure to work with. The fees are fair and there are no surprises. She also organizes the mediation process to be cost efficient. From the procedural process, Judy does an excellent job of helping the parties work through their disputes and reach agreements."  Von Limbaugh, Attorney

"I used Judy Larkins for an estate-related dispute. Judy was extremely professional and the process was helpful. Her legal consultant was extraordinary and added much to the process. Utilizing an experienced mediator in difficult situations is an opportunity to attempt to work through challenging situations with a goal of reaching a solution that is reasonable for all parties involved. The mediator assists to deal with the sometimes raw emotions and to provide reality-checks when necessary. Judy came highly-recommended to me and I can highly recommend her organization."  Janice L.  (Estate Mediation)

"My wife and I worked with Judy to help with our settlement. She helped bring us to common ground when we were not exactly on the same page, and she was successful at keeping our discussions on track. She was extremely courteous and professional, and it was obvious to us that she wanted a fair agreement that would work for both of us. We would highly recommend using Judy Larkins if you are needing mediation."  Greg L. (Divorce Mediation)

"Judy settled a employment termination and severance negotiation for me, offering a settlement that satisfied both parties with a solution and resolution. Judy Larkins has a personal calling to excellence. Her insights, character, and guidance amended a difficult situation."  Ryan H. (Employment Mediation)